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Welcome to the Homepage of the Faculty of Culture Studies!

Ef50_FruehlingFaculty 15 of TU Dortmund has been the Faculty of Language and Literature Studies, Journalism and History until 2001. Following a public process of self-understanding, this additive name was changed into Faculty of Culture Studies, to emphasize its four disciplines English and American Studies, German Language and Literature, History and Journalism.


The constituent term “Culture” elucidates that all its disciplines explain and interpret phenomena created by humans. These phenomena are subject to change and vary from culture to culture. Interculturality in learning and information processes represents the focus of research.


The Faculty of Culture Studies maintains intensive cooperations with universities in Europe and North America. With its reformed study programs for future teachers, journalists and other cultural occupations it has committed itself to modern, practice-oriented science.

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Dekanatsassistentin Fakultät Kulturwissenschaften Döne Öztürk
Tel.: 0231 755-2919